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A story of kindness



Rachel has always been fascinated by all-natural beauty and skincare. She discovered sugaring after much frustration using razors, shaving machines, and other waxing solutions. She loves to illustrate, “I was blessed with hairy genes and it’s an aspect that hindered my self-image from a young age due to the beauty standard set for woman by society. From shaving behind my parents back and begging my aunt to secretly wax me, it's the secret that every girl knows." Out of this insecurity, Rachel began experimenting with waxing. After all, waxing was a much more effective solution than what she was exposed to before. But, there was one crucial aspect holding her back again. Rachel discovered waxing with products currently on the market caused her rashes.

Out of insecurity regarding beauty standards and frustration with other waxing solutions, Yesser Vela was born. Yesser Vela is a platform to discover your true potential, strip away the negative energy within you, and be kind to others. We only live once so nurture your beauty, be kind to yourself, and make yourself a priority. Once you feel empowered, be sweet and share it. Together we can share sweetness and kindness to the world.

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