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Every time we choose to be sweet. We make everyone around us a little better and our world could stand to be a little kinder and sweeter.

This is our why



Melissa Cherry

Sugar waxing is a great alternative to hard waxing because it’s raw and organic. I feel better about myself knowing what is in the products that I use on my skin and for it to work just as good, if not better than hard wax is a PLUS. No hard chemicals, just pure sugar, water, and lemon. Sugar waxing makes me feel more confident because it’s hypoallergenic and I don’t have to worry about my skin breaking out; Which makes me feel more comfortable about showing off my soft, glowing, hairless skin. I love my skin even more thanks to sugar waxing.

Soft, Glowing and Hairless Skin...

elizabeth Ramos

I started using Yesser Vela sugar wax because I was tiiiiired of having to shave every 2-3 days, it was so time consuming and annoying. I’ve used wax strips from drug stores before but those were sort of a hassle to use and never left my skin feeling the way Yesser Vela does. The sugar wax makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and leaves me confident that I’ll be 100% hairless for at least the next week, if not longer!! I absolutely love that it’s handmade with all natural products by someone I wholeheartedly trust. It feels like I’m giving myself a little at-home spa treatment whenever I use it, making me feel beautiful inside & out. In regards to everything you get with an order, like the cloth strips and the application stick, I honestly couldn’t ask for a better product that’s not only good for my body but good for the earth.

At-home Spa Treatment...

Image by Lukas Blazek
Pink Sand

nelly ortega

I started learning and practicing the art of sugaring in January 2019. I wanted a better form of hair removal for myself since my skin would get a bad reaction to hard wax. Sugaring then changed my life completely, I was obsessed with sugaring because it was gentle, organic, and lasted longer than hard wax. I loved the results I was getting, and eventually it became a part of my monthly routine. 

Similar to Yesser Vela, my goal is to make girls comfortable in their skin. From hyperpigmentation to ingrowns, so many girls come to me with these issues and express their insecurities, so I strive to give them great service and amazing results to boost their self esteem. I am so happy to offer this service to girls of all different colors, sizes, hair types, etc. It has impacted me in a way I never thought possible. I never would’ve guessed that this was going to be a part of my life path. I love what I do, I love my clients, and I love everyone who supports me in any way🤍 I am so happy and grateful for everything I have through my passion for sugaring.

Comfortable in my Own Skin...



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