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  • What is sugaring?
    Also known as, sugar waxing, sugaring is an Ancient Egyptian method of hair removal that is trending as a luxury alternative to waxing. It is a gentle, effective and all-natural solution for unwanted hair with results that last for 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Does it take longer than waxing?
    No way! Speed sugaring makes it just as fast as traditional waxing. Remember practice makes perfect.
  • Does sugaring hurt?
    All hair removal is somewhat uncomfortable and irritating, but Sugaring Hair Removal is way less harmful than waxing! If you’ve never done hair removal before or it's been a few months, you can expect a little more discomfort since you're pulling hair out by the root. Afterward the first few consistent treatments it will be a breeze!
  • How long does my hair have to do sugaring?
    Length of hair should be approximately 1/4″ or longer, which is about the size of a grain of rice. If you’ve been shaving, 2-3 weeks of growth is usually sufficient. If you’ve been waxing or sugaring, you’ll want to wait 3-6 weeks in between your treatments without shaving.
  • Will I get ingrown hairs from sugaring?
    Sugaring removes hair in the natural direction of growth so you will be MUCH less likely to experience ingrown hairs than you would be with waxing or shaving. While having extremely dry skin can contribute to the formation of hair bumps, we highly recommend developing an exfoliating routine.
  • How is sugaring different than waxing?
    Regular waxing removes hair in the opposite direction of natural growth which can be very painful, leads to follicle scarring, and can cause painful ingrown hair bumps. Wax contains resins and additives, which can cause irritation and rashes. Very hot wax is applied that can cause painful burns or tearing of sensitive areas. Sugaring is all natural so it will not remove live skin cells, only dead skin and hair making it less painful. It is removed in the direction of hair growth, and applied at warm or body temperature.
  • How does shaving compare to sugaring?
    Shaving is a temporary hair removal process. You can expect to see and feel regrowth in as little as one day. Many people also develop irritation and razor bumps from shaving too close. Sugaring results last for 3-5 weeks and causes little to no irritation.
  • Does sugaring remove hair permanently?
    Sugaring removes hair from the root so with consistent sugaring treatments, your hair grows back slower, thinner and lighter. It results in permanent hair reduction for many people, with consistent treatments and no other methods used in between.
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