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Homemade Skin Care


Your first 3 appointments are the most important!

It is important that your first 3 sugaring sessions be booked close together, no more than a month between each appointment. These appointments will be the most effective at softening and reducing hair growth. After 3 consecutive treatments your overall hair density will decrease and the stubborn coarse hair will be reduced. 


If you are considering sugaring in preparation for a specific event (a wedding, vacation, or summer season) it is optimal if you book your appointments 6-9 months before.  Sugaring needs to become a habit to give you the best results!

Enjoying Natural Ingredients

For the Appointment

  • Confirm your appointment via text prior to appointment.

  • Masks are required during sugaring sessions.

  • When you have arrived for an appointment, text or call me to let you in.

  • No extra guests are allowed in the room during the sugaring session.



  • During menstrual cycle, you can still get sugared. Just have a fresh tampon in and know that your body may be more sensitive during this period of time. 

  • If you have a low pain tolerance, feel free to take a pain reliever about 30 mins prior to appointment.

  • Wear loose clothing to your session to avoid additional irritation. 

Bathing Suits


Cancellations should be communicated 24hrs prior to appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late and it interferes with the rest of the appointments to follow, we will have to cancel and reschedule your session. Reaching out via text or call is the best way to communicate with me.


No Shows

We understand life gets lifey and things come up but, if you do not show without communicating you will not be able to book appointments with us moving forward. Please let us know if you are unable to make it to your appointment. We respect your time and we only expect that respect back. Reaching out via text or call is the best way to communicate with me.


Pre-Sugaring Care


Exfoliate 2 days prior to your appointment. Do not exfoliate the day before, the day of, or the day after. Develop an exfoliating habit, it will pay I promise! Exfoliating combats ingrown hairs, which some of us are more prone to than others. 

Hair Length

The hair length must be 2-4 weeks after shaving or 4-6 weeks after waxing/sugaring.



Please come with clean dry skin. Avoid using any powders, deodorant, oils, creams or lotions on the area being sugared.

Soft Skin

Post-Sugaring Care

Do not use razors or depilatory creams between treatments, as this will interfere with your goal to refine and diminish your hair growth, and to have smooth, healthy skin.


Recommend waiting 24-48 hours before exposing your skin to the sun, exercise ( including sexual activity) and products with harsh chemicals.

Continue exfoliating 2 days after sugaring session.


"Sugar is Messy!"

Yes and No. Your glove will always feel sticky, you will also occasionally fling pieces of sugar across the room with your flick. Practice and patience will help you learn to control your paste. If you get into trouble sugar can always be removed with a stick, new glove, fresh paste, warm water or waxing strip. 

"It Hurts More Than Razors and Machines."

If you are an experienced sugarista you will not create any pull on the hair when you are molding. Slow your mold if they feel any pulling. You will also learn how to get unstuck without any irritation and how to avoid over working the skin. With sugar the skin is left less irritated than traditional wax which contains heat and plastic. 

"It takes longer than Waxing."

No way! Sugaring can be just as fast as traditional waxing. You eliminate the need to go back and forth to your wax and dip with sticks. If the hair is super short or not exfoliated your timing will go up with either wax or sugar.

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