May last you a month. Results may vary.


All-natural and effective alternative to regular waxing. It’s gentle on the skin and removes hairs with the follicle for long-lasting results. 


For: arms, legs, underarms, Brazilian, back, chest.


Directions: Heat up for 30-45 seconds. Heated sugar wax should be liquid-like consistency. Scrape excess wax off the applicator on the edge of the jar. Then, apply wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, apply strip leaving enough space to grip and smooth it down. Hold skin taut with one hand, apply pressure at the top of the strip and quickly pull the strip close to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Immediately after you remove hairs apply firm pressure to the waxed area. Clean skin, strips, and applicators with running warm water, dry and safe to reuse.

FYI...If the strip is peeled too slowly, wax will remain on skin and hair will not come off. 


Directions are included in the packaging.

Sugar Strip Wax

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  • Sucrose, organic lemon juice, water